Thursday, May 6, 2010

A week in review!!

This week was fun and pretty uneventful! Maddox has mastered jumping rope on the tramp since she 
can't quite do it yet on the ground. She is pretty proud of this accomplishment! 
After jumping rope we took the plunge and finally tried the "pink cookies" and loved them!
After cookies was more trampoline time which turned into singing instead...
We have been doing some crazy hair lately! Maddox sits so good and rushes right to the mirror after I'm done. I can't figure out if that is a good or bad thing.
Jason's friend Josh is in town and let Maddox take a dip in his hotel pool. She is my water baby for sure.
I thought this sign on the wall was pretty funny! I told Mad she couldn't pee in the pool or it would turn pink.
She said "well mom I don't like pink, can it turn purple instead" Next time I will remember to tell her
a purple cloud would follow her around if she pee'd in the pool.
We had a really fun play group on Tuesday at Karens. Thanks for a good time girls! Play group is always the highlight of my week. I just need to get better at taking more pictures. Karen sorry my child was picking your beautiful flowers :(
Followed by a healthy breakfast today of pink rice crispy treats!!