Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thursday fun

I don't always write about Thursdays but we had a great busy day. Maddox has been working in a 
prekindergarten workbook I got her. She is doing good and surprising me 
everyday with things I didn't think she knew. 
She begs me to work in her book all day!! Guess I can't complain about that
She took a flower picking break out in the rain

Then after Jason came home took a trampoline break

Friday, April 23, 2010

25 Week Belly Pictures

I have been slacking on the baby updates! Sorry I didn't realized how fast it goes by. I don't have any pregnancy pictures with Maddox so I have vowed to be better, sorry Mad. I am 25 weeks now and feeling a lot better, yey!! I feel like I am gaining all my weight everywhere else and the belly is finally catching up. 
Ellie has her night and days mixed up and jumps around all night making sleep hard. Her head is in my ribs and her tiny toes down tromping on my bladder. You gotta love my chubby white arms in this picture. 

I know I said the last bare belly picture would be the last but I guess not!! It is easier to see her
on my translucent white skin then my black shirt :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The new Tramp...soon to follow with...The first broken arm. Just Kidding!! I hope

This weekend in Juneau was beautiful! We were in shorts most of the time and outside soaking up all the sun we could get. After lunch at the Hanger we went Shed shopping and ended up at home with a trampoline.
Maddox absolutely loves them and we have been looking for one since we moved here. Fred Myers was having a sale so we took the plunge. We opted to wait on the net enclosure until she starts doing crazy stuff!!
She says this will help her be a better dancer...
or scare me to of the 2
Rare moment of not moving
Happy chick...I'm happy to cause she gets worn out and sleeps like a champ!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun!!

This Easter we had a ton of fun! Jason has been in Ketchikan for what seems like forever and was able to come home for a day. With him gone I couldn't go shopping for Maddox some Easter stuff very easily so had to grab all this last minute. Maddox was so excited that the Easter Bunny found her again all the way up in Alaska. Last Easter we where camping and she was wondering if he would find our camp site but he always does ;).  He spoiled her with a soft fuzzy duck, a robe, denim skirt and sandals!! Not to mention sidewalk chalk and a ton of candy that better last for a month!!
She has wanted a robe like her grandmas for the longest time...
Jason got a new clock that projects the time on to the wall. They are awesome and the one we had just
pooped out on us. Wow he looks happy or tired I can't tell.
This year went by so fast. I stumbled on a few pictures from last Easter and can't believe how much older Maddox looks. We went camping just outside of St. George with Jason's family.