Friday, March 16, 2012

WOW it's been a long time...

I thought I had forgot to blog but I guess not :) Sadly I haven't even posted 1 picture of our 19m.(now) baby. I will do a few posts trying to catch up but the short of it is like this:
-Had beautiful baby girl Eleanor aka Ellie on August 5th. 2010
-Took a few awesome trips to Utah to visit family.
-Left Alaska :( in March of 2011 and moved back to Logan Utah :) we are closer to family but still miss it.
-Bought a Wake board boat in Aug. 2011 and had lots of fun till it got to cold to use it.
-Ellie's first birthday!!!
-Maddox started kindergarten...sniff sniff!! She however is loving it.
Ok now that I have a list started I know a few thing's I need to post about. Stay tuned I will be caught up
very soon and back on track like I should have been all along.

Playing Crocodile Dentist on Mad's Birthday a few days ago.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

She hates my new camera!!

When ever I pull out my new camera I get major scowls from Maddox!! I have tried to 
sneak a few in but she is not being very helpful. 

Kept closing her eyes...I told her to OPEN her dang eyes and this is what I got!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Veyo Pool

Ok so I'm sorry all my posts are about us and water but as you can tell we love it and am really enjoying
our visit to Utah and all the playing we are doing. We went to Veyo pool with Brinlee, Kimber, Krista and Addison. We had a great time and their food is amazing!!
Veyo pool is so is set down in a canyon with beautiful lava rocks and greenery all around
Brinlee and Kimber hanging out in the pool
8 Month belly belly gets plenty of attention from Maddox :) 

Sand Hallow Wednesday's

The last few Wednesdays have been spent soaking up the sun at Sand Hallow with my family. We go early so we can get the smooth water and LeAnn always packs a yummy lunch. Trying to stay on the tube with my dad driving is quite the accomplishment. Thanks dad for the great time at the lake we love you. 

Pirate Island Pizza

Today we went to Pirate Island with Nicki and her cute clan!! It is a awesome Pizza place in St. George 
that we are missing like crazy. The kids had a blast and me and Nicki finally got to meet!! Our husbands 
are friends and working hard up in Alaska so we can have these fun play dates...Thanks Boyz!!
Maddox, Saylor, Makenzie and Jaxon
Maddox picking her nose in the background...haha
Cute littles playing fun games
Maddox scored on the tickets today
Cute little Pirates

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A week in review!!

This week was fun and pretty uneventful! Maddox has mastered jumping rope on the tramp since she 
can't quite do it yet on the ground. She is pretty proud of this accomplishment! 
After jumping rope we took the plunge and finally tried the "pink cookies" and loved them!
After cookies was more trampoline time which turned into singing instead...
We have been doing some crazy hair lately! Maddox sits so good and rushes right to the mirror after I'm done. I can't figure out if that is a good or bad thing.
Jason's friend Josh is in town and let Maddox take a dip in his hotel pool. She is my water baby for sure.
I thought this sign on the wall was pretty funny! I told Mad she couldn't pee in the pool or it would turn pink.
She said "well mom I don't like pink, can it turn purple instead" Next time I will remember to tell her
a purple cloud would follow her around if she pee'd in the pool.
We had a really fun play group on Tuesday at Karens. Thanks for a good time girls! Play group is always the highlight of my week. I just need to get better at taking more pictures. Karen sorry my child was picking your beautiful flowers :(
Followed by a healthy breakfast today of pink rice crispy treats!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thursday fun

I don't always write about Thursdays but we had a great busy day. Maddox has been working in a 
prekindergarten workbook I got her. She is doing good and surprising me 
everyday with things I didn't think she knew. 
She begs me to work in her book all day!! Guess I can't complain about that
She took a flower picking break out in the rain

Then after Jason came home took a trampoline break