Friday, March 16, 2012

WOW it's been a long time...

I thought I had forgot to blog but I guess not :) Sadly I haven't even posted 1 picture of our 19m.(now) baby. I will do a few posts trying to catch up but the short of it is like this:
-Had beautiful baby girl Eleanor aka Ellie on August 5th. 2010
-Took a few awesome trips to Utah to visit family.
-Left Alaska :( in March of 2011 and moved back to Logan Utah :) we are closer to family but still miss it.
-Bought a Wake board boat in Aug. 2011 and had lots of fun till it got to cold to use it.
-Ellie's first birthday!!!
-Maddox started kindergarten...sniff sniff!! She however is loving it.
Ok now that I have a list started I know a few thing's I need to post about. Stay tuned I will be caught up
very soon and back on track like I should have been all along.

Playing Crocodile Dentist on Mad's Birthday a few days ago.

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