Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The new Tramp...soon to follow with...The first broken arm. Just Kidding!! I hope

This weekend in Juneau was beautiful! We were in shorts most of the time and outside soaking up all the sun we could get. After lunch at the Hanger we went Shed shopping and ended up at home with a trampoline.
Maddox absolutely loves them and we have been looking for one since we moved here. Fred Myers was having a sale so we took the plunge. We opted to wait on the net enclosure until she starts doing crazy stuff!!
She says this will help her be a better dancer...
or scare me to death...one of the 2
Rare moment of not moving
Happy chick...I'm happy to cause she gets worn out and sleeps like a champ!


  1. I love these pictures!! SO so so so fun! I'm way jealous that you have a tramp now. Kimber and I so want to come up this summer and have a sleepover in your backyard! AWESOME! And don't worry so much, Mad will be fine. We were crazy on those things too!! It's just what kids do. :D I remember jumping off of houses and out of windows onto yours and doing front flips and face plants off of it also. :D 'Member? It's all just fun.

  2. Yes I do remember jumping off my roof many times...lol and Kelly Moore called and told our parents. I was mad at her for years!! True somehow we never died or broke any bones. Our tramp is one of the new and improved with no springs, it has bands and they are all covered by the pad. It is so cool! We will have lots of trampoline sleep overs in Utah, a bear might snatch us off mine.

  3. How fun! She looks like she LOVES it! :) I haven't seen any that didn't have springs, but what a great idea!