Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Belly at 21 weeks...Yey just over half way!!

Ok so I finally feel like it's worth taking a picture of at 21 weeks. Last night I was trying to get Maddox to help and this is the best picture I got. Before my belly comes out I just get fat and lose any curves, hips bones and distinction between my lower and upper body. It just all blends and blobs together. LOL
This is a better above shot and probably the only bare belly picture you will see. I have a super nice heart beat monitor I rented to check the little muffin if I am ever feeling worried. Not to undermine the Alaska health care system at all. It's assurance for myself given my previous experience which I should write about soon, maybe after this little girl is born!
We have been at about 155 to 160 beats per minute. I am about to send my monitor back now that I can get a reaction from her when ever I poke and prod. She does have her night and days mixed up so I worry that I can't feel her in the day but by night she is ready to party. It's also getting hard to find her heart beat with her games she plays. If she feels my little probe she just kicks at it and moves to the other side, then I stop cause I know she is ok. Well worth it for the 3 months I have had the monitor!! Thanks Brin for the suggestion.
Maddox wanted to do a belly picture so she pushed that skinny thing out as far as she could. Silly chick!

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