Monday, March 22, 2010

Maddox and the Wow Wow Wubbzy 4th Birthday

Maddox turned 4 on March 12th, as all moms say. 
"I can't believe it has gone by this fast. 
She has been an awesome kid and hope she just gets sweeter as she get's older.
She is a busy girl that loves to dance, sing, ski, watch Disney movies, ride her bike and go to the park.
I was in labor for 26 hrs. with her and she was so worth the wait.

Maddox on her 1st Birthday
I will try to find her 2nd and 3rd B-day pictures and post them as well. 

This year she asked for a Wubbzy cake...scary cause I am not crafty in the kitchen! Wubbzy took 3
cake mixes and 3 things of icing and turned out to be really fun to make.

Froze the cake in the pan and cut out his hands and feet!
She wanted cake for breakfast :)
I didn't get any pictures of the in between stages of wubbzy but this is it.
She loved him and even cried when we cut into him!
She said she wanted to keep him forever. Cute.
I am the worst mom for surprises. As the mail arrived the week before I couldn't help but to give them to her.
She got some new DC skate shoes, a FLO for the bath tub (made by boon-goggle it, it's cool) some new summer clothes. The things that escaped and was able to open on her birthday where her cute pink Gap hoodie and jacket, a Barbie and 2 DVD's Horton Hears A Who and Planet 51. She had a great day.
                                                               Blowing out the candles
Grandpa Dave and Grandma LeAnn sent her a Wal-Mart gift card and this is what she picked out.
A princess microphone, bat and ball, foam necklace making kit, 3 coloring books, a jump rope and a suction cup paddle ball game. Thanks guys she had a blast picking out all these little treasures.
I don't have pictures but Grammy (my mom) sent her a cute Princess and the Frog play set and the DVD. It is a way cute movie and she loves her little play set. Her dad sent her 2 dance dress up sets that she can dance and twirl around in! She loves to perform and does it when ever she isn't being shy. Grandma Shirley and Jon, Laura and the girls sent a cute package. It had a cute TY stuffed Easter bunny, a little birthday girl play set, play doe with a cool stamper and a cute Dora color scratch pad. Brinlee, Kyle and Kimber sent a card with some cash for her to buy a treat! She bought 2 things of baby puff banana crackers, her fav!!
Thanks everyone for sending Maddox cards and packages for her birthday she had a hay day after the mail man came. We love you Mad and can't wait for you to become a big sister and to see what the year has to bring.

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  1. She is SO CUTE! I love the picture of her having cake for breakfast! Beautiful even first thing in the morning!