Sunday, March 28, 2010

Simple but so yummy!!

My all time favorite burrito that I have been making since the college days!!  It's really simple but here you go.
You will need: Zatarain's Black Beans & Rice
                      Cook able tortillas(ten times better then the thick pre-made ones)
                      Sour Cream
                      Shredded  Cheese
                      and your choice of hot sauce!! (optional)
Cook your beans first then brown a tortilla (not to crispy or its hard to fold up)
put a bit of cheese on the tortilla, beans and rice more cheese sour cream and hot sauce.
Don't put to much stuff in or its hard to fold up without stuff coming out. After you fold it brown on 4 sides (like they do at Taco Bell with the grilled stuffed burrito's) until crispy and enjoy. Good by itself, with a side of cheezy refried beans or green salad spiced up with avacados, smashed frito's  and some salsa ranch!!

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