Friday, March 26, 2010

My Broccoli Chicken Braid Thingggyyyy

Me and Brinlee have decided to share dinner ideas from afar so Brin I will start, since we talked about it like 
5 months ago!! This is a pampered chef recipe called a Broccoli Chicken Braid. It is usually made on a 9x13 sheet cake type pan but this is what I had to work with. I also used green peppers instead of red. 
Google the recipe and let me know if you make any tasty changes to spice it up!
Mix all ingredients and spoon onto crescent roll dough
Fold and twist the flaps in and brush with egg white! 


  1. Yum Chels! That's looks delish! I'm definitely gonna give it a shot when I find the recipe. I need to show you how to post links! Thanks for starting I'll try to get one up soon! LOVE YOU!

  2. Um Awesome! I could totally never do that!