Saturday, March 27, 2010

Play Group on Thursday

Play group this week was a lot of fun! Karen made a wonderful Sun dried Tomato ravioli cheese casserole which I meant to get a picture of and didn't. I made this fruit pizza and despite over 
cooking the crust a tad it was still pretty good.  
Maddox riding someones scooter! They all kind of took turns and traded around from 
walking, scooting and taking a rest in the strollers.
Maddox and Porter sharing the BOB!
                     We played on the beach for a bit until it started to get a little chilly and all 9 kids
                                                 we had where ready for a snack and a nap. 
I thought I had got a few group shots but I didn't :(  Maddox found a magic wand and Karen 'N' Kaiden look so cute playing in the background.  

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  1. Those are great pics! Maddox is such a cutie in her mini skirt!