Monday, March 15, 2010

Where to start...

I don't really know where to start so I will try to get all the details in. Jason and I started dating in 2001, we dated for 2 years before parting ways. We had a ton of fun but didn't see eye to eye
on a few rather important topics like religion and having kids so figured there was no point in continuing the relationship!! To make a long story short we lived our separate lives for 7 years before reconnecting on face book of all places. We dated for only a few months before we knew we where meant to be together! And yes we both grew up a lot and our views on life changed dramatically. In the process of talking marriage Jason was offered a job working for Secon in Alaska doing their quality control. We went back and forth many times trying to decide if a move was best for us, it was a tough decision but we took the job. It all happened really fast and Jason had to go up and start working right away so he left Utah the middle of June. I stayed behind to plan our wedding and to get the house ready to rent out. I went for a 2 week visit to Juneau the beginning of July and had a great time. I got proposed to at Mendenhall Glacier(which was awesome), found a house to rent, did some hiking and ate some great sea food. This is a picture of us on the 4th of July '09 waiting for fireworks.

Jason with my ring right before the Big proposal!!
On our way to dinner at the Twisted Fish


  1. Nothing hotter than a guy in a North Face jacket.. ;) Congrats you guys on marriage, baby, and the big move!

  2. I love the baby name! Ellie is one we considered too. Thanks for posting!

  3. Love the blog:) Happy you got one. That's a cool story too!