Sunday, March 28, 2010

Simple but so yummy!!

My all time favorite burrito that I have been making since the college days!!  It's really simple but here you go.
You will need: Zatarain's Black Beans & Rice
                      Cook able tortillas(ten times better then the thick pre-made ones)
                      Sour Cream
                      Shredded  Cheese
                      and your choice of hot sauce!! (optional)
Cook your beans first then brown a tortilla (not to crispy or its hard to fold up)
put a bit of cheese on the tortilla, beans and rice more cheese sour cream and hot sauce.
Don't put to much stuff in or its hard to fold up without stuff coming out. After you fold it brown on 4 sides (like they do at Taco Bell with the grilled stuffed burrito's) until crispy and enjoy. Good by itself, with a side of cheezy refried beans or green salad spiced up with avacados, smashed frito's  and some salsa ranch!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Belly at 21 weeks...Yey just over half way!!

Ok so I finally feel like it's worth taking a picture of at 21 weeks. Last night I was trying to get Maddox to help and this is the best picture I got. Before my belly comes out I just get fat and lose any curves, hips bones and distinction between my lower and upper body. It just all blends and blobs together. LOL
This is a better above shot and probably the only bare belly picture you will see. I have a super nice heart beat monitor I rented to check the little muffin if I am ever feeling worried. Not to undermine the Alaska health care system at all. It's assurance for myself given my previous experience which I should write about soon, maybe after this little girl is born!
We have been at about 155 to 160 beats per minute. I am about to send my monitor back now that I can get a reaction from her when ever I poke and prod. She does have her night and days mixed up so I worry that I can't feel her in the day but by night she is ready to party. It's also getting hard to find her heart beat with her games she plays. If she feels my little probe she just kicks at it and moves to the other side, then I stop cause I know she is ok. Well worth it for the 3 months I have had the monitor!! Thanks Brin for the suggestion.
Maddox wanted to do a belly picture so she pushed that skinny thing out as far as she could. Silly chick!

Play Group on Thursday

Play group this week was a lot of fun! Karen made a wonderful Sun dried Tomato ravioli cheese casserole which I meant to get a picture of and didn't. I made this fruit pizza and despite over 
cooking the crust a tad it was still pretty good.  
Maddox riding someones scooter! They all kind of took turns and traded around from 
walking, scooting and taking a rest in the strollers.
Maddox and Porter sharing the BOB!
                     We played on the beach for a bit until it started to get a little chilly and all 9 kids
                                                 we had where ready for a snack and a nap. 
I thought I had got a few group shots but I didn't :(  Maddox found a magic wand and Karen 'N' Kaiden look so cute playing in the background.  

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Broccoli Chicken Braid Thingggyyyy

Me and Brinlee have decided to share dinner ideas from afar so Brin I will start, since we talked about it like 
5 months ago!! This is a pampered chef recipe called a Broccoli Chicken Braid. It is usually made on a 9x13 sheet cake type pan but this is what I had to work with. I also used green peppers instead of red. 
Google the recipe and let me know if you make any tasty changes to spice it up!
Mix all ingredients and spoon onto crescent roll dough
Fold and twist the flaps in and brush with egg white! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

St. Patrick's Dance Recital

Maddox Started dance the beginning of February and is
loving it. She is in the creative dance class for 4-5 yr. olds. They have learned a few dances but the teacher
mostly teaches them different techniques and following
directions. She has learned her left and right and lots of cute little spins and leg kicks. Tuesday is her favorite day of the week and it kills her that class doesn't start till 5. At home she is always having us announce her entrance as she emerges from behind the living room curtains. I have no doubt that she will continue dancing for years to come. Saturday the 20th they did a little mini recital at the Pioneer Home for the elderly. They all enjoyed watching the littles very much and they did a great job!
She just learned to snap a few weeks ago and was so stoked
She seemed a little nervous at first but still didn't miss a step
Her class minus one girl that couldn't make it today.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Maddox and the Wow Wow Wubbzy 4th Birthday

Maddox turned 4 on March 12th, as all moms say. 
"I can't believe it has gone by this fast. 
She has been an awesome kid and hope she just gets sweeter as she get's older.
She is a busy girl that loves to dance, sing, ski, watch Disney movies, ride her bike and go to the park.
I was in labor for 26 hrs. with her and she was so worth the wait.

Maddox on her 1st Birthday
I will try to find her 2nd and 3rd B-day pictures and post them as well. 

This year she asked for a Wubbzy cake...scary cause I am not crafty in the kitchen! Wubbzy took 3
cake mixes and 3 things of icing and turned out to be really fun to make.

Froze the cake in the pan and cut out his hands and feet!
She wanted cake for breakfast :)
I didn't get any pictures of the in between stages of wubbzy but this is it.
She loved him and even cried when we cut into him!
She said she wanted to keep him forever. Cute.
I am the worst mom for surprises. As the mail arrived the week before I couldn't help but to give them to her.
She got some new DC skate shoes, a FLO for the bath tub (made by boon-goggle it, it's cool) some new summer clothes. The things that escaped and was able to open on her birthday where her cute pink Gap hoodie and jacket, a Barbie and 2 DVD's Horton Hears A Who and Planet 51. She had a great day.
                                                               Blowing out the candles
Grandpa Dave and Grandma LeAnn sent her a Wal-Mart gift card and this is what she picked out.
A princess microphone, bat and ball, foam necklace making kit, 3 coloring books, a jump rope and a suction cup paddle ball game. Thanks guys she had a blast picking out all these little treasures.
I don't have pictures but Grammy (my mom) sent her a cute Princess and the Frog play set and the DVD. It is a way cute movie and she loves her little play set. Her dad sent her 2 dance dress up sets that she can dance and twirl around in! She loves to perform and does it when ever she isn't being shy. Grandma Shirley and Jon, Laura and the girls sent a cute package. It had a cute TY stuffed Easter bunny, a little birthday girl play set, play doe with a cool stamper and a cute Dora color scratch pad. Brinlee, Kyle and Kimber sent a card with some cash for her to buy a treat! She bought 2 things of baby puff banana crackers, her fav!!
Thanks everyone for sending Maddox cards and packages for her birthday she had a hay day after the mail man came. We love you Mad and can't wait for you to become a big sister and to see what the year has to bring.

A weekend hike

 A few weekends ago we decided to go for a drive and a little walk on the beach. It was a little chilly
but still really fun! We got lunch on the way, threw rocks in the water and found cool shells on the beach.
Not much else to say but we had fun just being outside together.
                                   A healthy lunch from McDonalds :)
Found the perfect rock
Mad loves to throw rocks in the water...she would do it all day if she could
Shell hunting
Maddox and a big downed tree 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My New Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Bag

I have been drooling over this bag since before I found out I was pregnant. I thought mom's where crazy to pay that much for a diaper bag until I started doing my research on them. Plus I am not a purse girl so that's where the other half of my justification came from. Jason would just laugh every time he would see it pulled up on my computer which was like everyday. He finally said I could buy it as an extension of my Christmas/ Valentines day. I ordered it that very second and 3 days later it came. I was in the tub shaving my legs when Jason brought the box in to me!! I begged him to open it but he just laughed and said he wanted me to suffer. In the end he was the one that suffered cause I jumped out of the tub with only one leg shaved. I couldn't open it fast enough but when I did I was even more in love!! It is velvety soft and has a ton of awesome pocket and a built in changing station in the bottom zipper compartment. Now I just need the baby to get here. Until then it will stay clean and empty waiting for me to stuff it with all the baby goods. Mom's out there what is a must have in your diaper bag? Just out of curiosity!

I'm Pregnant...Yay!! It's a GIRL

So because I am new to this blogging thing I didn't get to post that we found out I was pregnant the beginning of December. The stupid pee sticks have never worked for me and I have required a blood test to confirm it. So you can imagine my amazement when it came back positive! We went to Utah and Hawaii for Christmas, I was so sick and probably not very much fun. I am now 19 weeks and the sickness has tapered off to the point of being bearable. To make this a little easier to bare we had an ultra sound on the 9th of March and found out we are having a Girl. Our due date is August 6th but my Dr. will induce my hopefully the last week in July! Maddox is very excited and is having fun talking about and preparing for the baby.

My little ball of personality...Maddox

Kariann took some cute pictures of Maddox last fall and I need to post them. She was 3 1/2 when these where taken. She fell asleep on the way to the photo site so was not a happy camper but we still got her
to smile for a few of them.
She is so dramatic and brings a ton of laughs to our house!
My sassy girl...
Loves Disney movies and can sing every song from the soundtracks
Always smiling :)
She adopted her mom's forced kermit smile
She was done so we where playing around

Cute Family picture just missing Kami and Erik

Our Wedding Day 9.19.09

The big day finally arrived after changing the date a million times(sorry everyone)!! Jason flew back from Alaska for our wedding and it was so good to see him after 2 months apart. I had done most of the wedding planning from Salt Lake consulting with Jason over the phone about table cloth colors, cakes and flowers. It was a lot of fun to be the wedding planner.

We got down to St. George Thursday and did all the wedding run around. We had a nice small family wedding so the preparation was pretty simple and most of the weekend was spent laying by the pool. 
The morning of the wedding we had pictures with our awesome Photographer Errin Andrus. We went to the Jacob Hamblin home, the lava beds outside Snow Canyon and a few inside the park.  Following  pictures we had a family brunch catered by Grandma Toblers Bakery. We had some awesome quiche, pastries and Fruit it was so yummy. My favorite was the white chocolate Raspberry scones.
I love my little Maddox...She was awesome for pictures and looked so cute!

The next thing on the agenda was family pictures
My Family above and Jason's below
Then the wedding. It was short and sweet! Our backdrop of the red mountains where the reason we choose to get married in St. George. We couldn't have picked a better location!
The ceremony was so sweet and Bishop McKonkie did a great job. I didn't even cry but 
really fought back the tears because of my happiness!
Cute picture of me and my best friend Brinlee and her beautiful daughter Kimber 
I didn't want to do the guarder thing but did for Jason!! He insisted 
We both promised to not smash cake in each others face and guess who didn't stick to 
the plan? You guessed it Jason the jokester. I couldn't even post a picture because I 
get mad every time I see it!
Our Exit was on the 4-wheeler. It had started raining but Maddox wanted to go 
for a ride so bad so we did a quick trip around the block.
The end of the night went a little like this...Jason got tossed in right after 
his tux came off thank goodness

We did have a great day and we wouldn't have changed a thing. 
The rest of the night was spent talking with family, watching a movie in the theater room and 
a dip in the hot tub!